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31 07, 2015

Church burglaries|FCPD

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Police Investigate Burglaries to Churches Fort Collins Police Services is investigating four burglaries to area churches in the past four weeks. The incidents occurred in the 2700 block of S. Lemay Ave., 900 block of E. Prospect Rd. and the 600 block of E. Drake Rd. Several items, including cash, were taken during the burglaries. In addition the church located in the 600 block of E. Drake was vandalized twice during the incidents. FCPS is asking the community to report suspicious activity as soon as possible in order to aid the investigation. Anyone with information about the incident or the suspect(s) is asked to call Detective Marnie Christensen at 970-221-6580 or Crime Stoppers of Larimer County at 970-221-6868. Crime Stoppers [...]

28 07, 2015

Two attacks on women | FCPD

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Police Investigating Assaults Fort Collins Police Services is currently investigating two physical assaults that occurred on July 26th and July 27th.  The assaults were perpetrated against female victims by an unknown male assailant(s). These cases share similarities in that both women were returning home late at night, were in the apartment complexes where they lived, and were assaulted from behind by an unknown assailant(s).  In both cases, the victims of the assaults were able to evade the assailant and police were called. The victims in these cases suffered physical injuries during the assaults. The motive(s) of the assailant(s) is unknown at this time. Very little information is known as yet that will lead police to the identification of a suspect [...]

19 07, 2015

Two Loveland Stabbings / Loveland Police

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 On July 18, 2015 at approximately 2:00 pm Loveland police officers responded to an area hospital to investigate a reported stabbing. When officers arrived they were told that a 21 year-old Fort Collins man had been brought to the hospital shortly before. The man did not want to discuss the events that led up to his injuries. The man had been stabbed multiple times and is receiving care for his life-threatening injuries.At approximately 4:30 pm, while officers were still at the hospital, a second man arrived with a single stab wound that is not life threatening. The man is a 21 year-old Loveland resident. He also did not want to talk to the police about his injuries or the events [...]

11 07, 2015

43 car break-ins in Berthoud /Sheriff’s Dept Investigates

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Between the late evening hours of July 8 and early morning hours of July 9, 2015, 43 incidents of vehicle trespass occurred in the Town of Berthoud. Many of those offenses were reported by residents and others were discovered by Larimer County Sheriff’s deputies during their investigations in the area. All of the vehicles unlawfully entered were left unsecured and were easily accessed by the suspect(s). Most of the vehicles were not missing any property, but had been rifled through. The items that were stolen mainly consisted of small electronic devices and accessories. These incidents occurred in the Berthoud Heights-West and Hillsdale Sundivision neighborhoods on the west and south sides of Berthoud High School (see attached map). One resident reported [...]

3 07, 2015

Attempted Sexual Assault-Loveland Police

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On July 2, 2015 at approximately 12:34 am Loveland Police officers responded to the 300 block of North Cleveland Avenue on the report of a suspicious man. The woman who called said the man followed her on foot and in a vehicle. She called from her vehicle while evading the man and was able to escape him during the phone call. Officers looked for the man and his vehicle but were unable to locate him. The vehicle was described as a dark, mid-sized SUV. The man was described as a young (college-aged), tall Caucasian. At approximately 2:47 am Loveland Police officers responded to 1365 West 29th Street for the report of a sexual assault. A woman was behind the building [...]

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